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Economic performances of a publishing house reprezents a natural consequence of efficient management wich united the activities into an obviously defined circuit, to fulfill all requests.

The year 1998, when the publishing house was founded, reprezented a reference year. Seriousness, promptness, steps for quality and professionalism have been apreciated and recognized not only local but across the country also.

Accreditation by CNCSIS was confirmation of value, the reflection of customers' trust, the editorial beeing enriched every day. Under publishing's house mark ALTIP saw the light works of high rank, belonging to Brukenthal Museum and ASTRA Sibiu, to museums and universities from Timisoara, Hunedoara, Alba Iulia. Credit was received from Romanian Gouvernment being succesfully edited works for Ethnic Relations Department.

Appearances number inside the publishing house in 2007-2009 was over 200 publications, scientific books and art and culture catalogs, albums and monographs, reproductions, schooling book, books for children.

Some of the appeared publications participated at:

  • exhibitions in the open from Dumbrava Sibiului, exhibition organized by ASTRA Museum Sibiu;

  • exhibition from Brukental Museum Sibiu, Big Sqare, Small Sqare – Sibiu European Capital 2007;

  • exhibition of iconography organized by Union National Museum Alba Iulia (Muzeul National al Unirii Alba Iulia);

  • exhibition of albums and books from Art Galleries Alba Iulia with the opportunity of celebrating Romania's National Day - 1 December 2008.

Books, leflets, catalogs, brochures edited by ALTIP can be found in collections of Brukenthal, “Lucian Blaga” University Sibiu, ASTRA Sibiu, National Museum of Union Alba Iulia, “1 Decembrie” Univeristy Alba Iulia, county Library “Lucian Blaga” Alba. The bookhouse participated each year at book exhibition organized with the oportunity of International Festival “Lucian Blaga” near other printing houses from all over the country, at exhibitions organized by Brukenthal Museum, ASTRA Sibiu and ExpoTransilvania Cluj-Napoca obtaining important awards, well-deserved appreciations and aknowledgements.

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